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Pastor Hoyer's Weekly Message


   19 Apr Good Friday
       7 PM Church at Gloria Dei
   21 Apr The Resurrection of Our Lord
      8.30 AM GD choir
      9 AM GD church and Sunday School
Good News
   The cathedral of Notre Dame is severely damaged by fire.   An 800 year old witness to the death and rising of Jesus is ruined by an accident.
   We often hear of bad news.  Today's paper has a picture of a car that drove off the road and ended on its side in a culvert--the driver taken to the hospital.  The obituary lists someone who died at the age of 52.  A baby is born without skin--a very rare but inherited condition.  We hear of abuse and people attacking with knives and stories of hate and war and hunger.
   And we listen to those stories, talk about those stories, and shake our heads at those stories.  Sure, we can find happy stories, too.
   But this is Holy Week.  This is a week we hear stories of what Jesus does for us.  We hear of him bringing resurrection into a world that has death.  He brings forgiveness into our lives where we usually get yelled at.  He brings mercy and grace into our lives where we demand people get what they deserve.
   It is because of mercy and grace and forgiveness and resurrection that this is called Holy Week.  Come and hear what Jesus does for us.
   Pastor Hoyer